Monday 19 August 2019
Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
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St Andrews Presbytery Diary / Events

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St Andrews Presbytery

The Westminster Confession of Faith

With Revd Prof David Fergusson
Cupar Old Parish Centre 7 p.m.

Discussion of the Westminster Confession of Faith
Led by Revd Professor David Fergusson
Professor of Divinity and Director of Research, School of Divinity, New College, University of Edinburgh.

You may be aware that the Theological Forum has been instructed by the General Assembly to review the position of the Westminster Confession of Faith as the subordinate standard of the Church of Scotland, and Report to the General Assembly of 2019. All Elders and Minsters have to subscribe to the document as part of their ordination vows and the Presbytery is aware that this is an important document which needs to be understood if any questions or proposals relating to its position within the standards of the Church of Scotland emerge in the future.

In order to ensure that elders and others are aware of the content and implications of the Westminster Confession of Faith the above event has been arranged and we hope to have a large attendance to enable full discussion and reflection. For your information the Westminster Confession of Faith is available through the internet by using the following link.


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