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Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
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St Andrews Presbytery Clerk

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St Andrews Presbytery

Interim Moderators and Vacancy Procedure Committee

Contact with Presbytery Clerk

The Business Committee has agreed that all Interim Moderators must be in touch with the Clerks to arrange the support of the Vacancy Advisory Committee and the Vacancy Procedure Committee as a matter of course and consult the Clerk over any proposed sole nominee.

It is vital that no name of a sole nominee is released to a Kirk Session before the appropriate VAC consultation takes place which will be arranged by the Clerks.

The hope is, by reminding all Interim Moderators of this procedure, that the VAC will be able to act quickly and in a supportive manner and avoid any major difficulties which may be encountered without full consultation.

There are now seven vacancies in the Presbytery and two are in the process of advertising and interview. Others will follow in due course and this is a reminder to ensure that the best possible outcome can be secured for congregations as they face this period of transition.

Nigel J Robb ( Revd.)
Presbyter Clerk

NB The stained glass images all derive from local churches.
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