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Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
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St Andrews Presbytery

Superintendence Committee


The Committee is concerned with matters concerning Congregational Records and with inspection of the Minute Book of Presbytery and of its Standing Committees. It is also concerned with the Visitation of Congregations and may, for this purpose, call on any member of Presbytery. It will report to Presbytery on each congregation at the end of the five-year cycle of visits and will draw to the attention of the Business Committee any matters of concern which have been drawn to its attention in during the Visitation. Except where action may require to be taken under Act III 2001 (as amended) it has responsibility in cases where matters of discipline may be involved.

Should circumstances indicating that a disciplinary offence may have been committed come to the attention of Presbytery  in effect to the attention of the Presbytery Clerk ,or the Superintendence Convenor  a small Committee consisting of the Superintendence Convenor, Presbytery Clerk and the current Moderator shall meet and if determining that such action is required in terms of Act III 2001 (as amended). The Committee shall bring to the following meeting of Presbytery three names to form a committee to investigate the alleged offence and report to the Churchs law department. The Committee shall also hold delegated powers at its discretion to suspend the Respondent immediately from carrying out the functions of his or her office and/or from undertaking ministerial functions generally, which suspension shall be administrative only.

The Committee will take responsibility for inspection of Ministers Log Books.

NB The stained glass images all derive from local churches.
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