Tuesday 27 October 2020
Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
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St Andrews Presbytery

Faith Matters Committee

Presbytery Conversation Starter 2

Our Context

The aim of these conversations is two fold:
to focus us on our mission within the Presbytery area, and
to strengthen our relationships through sharing our stories of encouragement and challenge.

The focus of this conversation was on our different contexts  recognising the distinctive elements of being in a town, in a rural area or one of our coastal villages/towns. Having shared some of our local challenges, we were asked to discuss the following...

1. What aspects of our mission do we hold in common?
2. How might we address them together in ways that transcend our parish areas?
3. Who might be our partners in mission?

These conversations are intentionally, if frustratingly, short, but we hope that people take the conversations back to their Kirk Sessions for further consideration; and that connections that arise from the conversation are followed up at a personal or local level.

The starter document can be downloaded from the pdf link below...

The following file can be downloaded in PDF format:

NB The stained glass images all derive from local churches.
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