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Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
Church of Scotland - St Andrews Presbytery
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St Andrews Presbytery

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The vision of the Church of Scotland is to be a church which seeks to inspire the people of Scotland  specifically within area of the Presbytery of St Andrews - and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic, worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving communities.
(General Assembly 2006)

* Tell a story about your congregations life that would inspire others on their journey.

  • What group of people represents the main missionary challenge of your parish?
  • What kind of Christian witness would engage their attention?


    Presbytery is responsible for the evangelisation of North East Fife.
    The total population of the area is 79155. Children under 16 number 12150 (15%) and teenagers between 16-19 number 4469 (5.6%). The adult population of North-East Fife is approx 63000 and the Church of Scotland membership is approx 11500 = 18% of the adult population. Church attendance may be estimated at 25% of membership (2850) = 4.5% of the adult population.1

    Share three significant issues related to current and projected demographics, employment, health, education, social concerns, environmental concerns as appropriate to their area.

    How does our location affect or influence our view? i.e. towns, rural areas and coastal villages. Share three key issues that are significant for the churchs mission in their area.

    What aspects of our common mission might be addressed in ways that transcend our parish areas? Who might be our partners in mission?

    So what will we do?


    Missiological Reflections on John 20:19-23
    As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you. (John 20:22)

    The Way of Incarnation
    How incarnate are we in the neighbourhoods, networks and social groupings of our area?

    The Way of Cross and Resurrection
    Where do we need the courage to die, if there is to be life in the future?

    The Way of the Spirit
    How can we help one another to live responsively to the wind of the Spirit?

    So what will we do?


    In St Andrews Presbytery we have 11,500 members (assume 2850 attending worship = 25% commitment), over 850 elders (881 in 2008), 17 Ministers (plus 4 vacancies), 4 Readers, 5 Approved Preachers, 2 University Lecturers, 1 University Chaplain, 1 Mission Consultant, and an undefined number of retired ministers (approx 10) with varying degrees of availability.

    How do we shift the focus from church membership to Christian discipleship in daily life?

    How do we identify and equip emerging leadership  both elders and other leadership roles?

    What is the best use of the full range of recognised ministries to resource the people of God for the mission of God across the Presbytery?

    What additional resources do we need?

    So what will we do?


    The Presbytery has evolved from the weekly exercises when ministers met to pray and share Gods word in order to encourage one another in their pastoral and evangelistic callings.

    How might we keep our core business of mission, evangelism and pastoral care at the heart of our gatherings?

    How can we be a fellowship of encouragement to each other?

    How do we create space for thinking strategically together?

    How do we ensure that the essential legal and procedural duties of Presbytery are undertaken effectively and efficiently without being the dominating ethos?

    So what will we do?

    NB The stained glass images all derive from local churches.
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