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Kilrenny Parish Church Seek a Locum Minister

Please apply through the Church page on this site.

The congregation of KILRENNY PARISH CHURCH in the East Neuk of Fife, having recently been placed under the Guardianship of St Andrews Presbytery, is seeking a Locum to lead the majority of worship services and also provide two days of pastoral care in the parish.

Worship is conducted each Sunday at 9.45am, together with occasional evening services, and support will be given to the Locum by a well established worship team.

Kilrenny Parish Church is on ground where worship has taken place since c 865 and the present Church and its adjacent halls are well maintained. The Congregational Roll is currently 94 members, with approximately half the members attending worship regularly. Although the majority of worshipers are in the 45 + age bracket, they are very active in wholeheartedly serving the parish. Kilrenny Parish Church has several successful outreach and fundraising activities that are well supported by the wider community.

Whilst our current project initiatives are operating successfully, we now seek a Locum to lead and develop the spiritual life of the Church members, provide pastoral care in the parish and support and encourage outreach activities.

" A Church based group meets regularly and offers fellowship and activities for both members and non members. However the spiritual needs of the members need to be addressed as we have been in a vacancy for some time.
" Pastoral care is undertaken by the Elders, but this lacks a formal structure and requires spiritual leadership.
" Whilst our recent focus has been on care for the elderly we will welcome help and leadership in reaching out to families and young people in the parish.
The Locum is assured of the support of the members of the Church and the Worship Team.
The salary for the post is £890 per month, plus appropriate travelling and other expenses. The Locum would require to be PVG approved.

Further Information regarding Kilrenny Parish Church can be found on the web site; or please contact the Session Clerk, Corinne Peddie.

To apply for the position of part-time Locum at Kilrenny please e-mail the Session Clerk through this website by going to the Kilrenny church page - thanks.

NB The stained glass images all derive from local churches.
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